”Josh! Over here!” Paparazzi left and right. Can’t y’all see he’s tired of it? He sighs, ignoring them. I walk up behind him, slowly, to show him I’m trying not to be a threat.
 ”Hey,” he sighs, locking the pump in place, leaning up against his car facing me.
 ”Josh, I know you’re tired of this,” I tell him quietly. He take off his sunglasses. He looks annoyed, but I continue speaking. “But you’re an inspiration to all of us. You’re one of the most down-to-earth and inspirational celebrities I can think of. And I know of a lot of them.”
 ”Thanks, girl. What’s your name?”
 ”I’m Natalie,” I tell him. He comes closer to me, and gives me a giant hug.
 ”Seriously, thank you. I really needed this.” I smile, wrapping my arms around him too.
 When he finally lets go, he asks,”Would you like to hang out with me today, if you’re not busy?”
 ”Yeah, sure! That’d be fun,” I blush at him. The pump unlocks and he places it back into the pump-holder.
 ”Really?” He smiles, he looks happy already.
 ”Anything to make you feel better!”
 ”Alright, hop in,” he says, unlocking the doors. Driver greets me happily, licking every inch of my face, making me and Josh laugh.

(If you want me to continue this story, message me here! Thanks c: ) 

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