I wake up with her name on my tongue. I flip over in bed, reaching for my notebook, recalling the dream I had last night.
 Yes, I’m a nerd, I record my dreams. YOLOT, okay?
 Anyways, after I close the book, I decide to send her a goodmorning text. I do so, and force myself to get out of bed. She doesn’t reply. But I don’t mind it, because I’m sorta used to rejection.
 I put on a pair of pants, a fresh shirt and ruffle my hair. Today’s the day.
 It’d been almost 2 years my girlfriend and I had been dating, and I want to take her out today to propose. I could barely stand waiting anymore.
 I have most of the proposal planned. I’m going to take her to Pier 39 in San Francisco. I already talked to the big man. He said I could use the microphone that’s hooked to the speakers on the second level. I got about 15 guys of mine together, we’re all going to get on the merry-go-round and spell “Y/N WILL YOU MARRY ME?” with each word on an individual card. I got three of my friends to video it, and they’re all prepared. They’re going to meet me there at about 3pm, and we’re supposed to get there at 2:15, just in case she wants to look around and stuff.
 ”Aye Andre!” I yell down the hallway, pausing to crack my back. “Andre?” No answer. I cock my head and make my way down the hall, down the steps and into the kitchen.
 ”Hiya, Josh..” She whispers, I barely notice she’s there.
 ”Y/N! Oh it’s you!” I can’t help it. I pick her up, spinning her around in a hug. I set her down and blush.
 ”Nice to see you too,” she says in a rude tone. I picked a bad time.
 ”What’s wrong?” I ask, embarrassed.
 ”I’m breaking up with you.” My heart sinks down to my toes.
 ”Wh.. why?” My bottom lip quivers. Tears flood my eyes.
 ”I just think we should see other people,” she spurts at me. “Don’t cry, you crybaby. You’re only making this harder on me.”
 ”You made this hard on me,” I say, taking the little box out of my pocket and placing it in her hands. I take my time going upstairs as she opens it.

(working on part 2 here)

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