”Paper or plastic?” The young, lively boy at the cash register smiles at me. He sorta reminds me of Tom Daley, that Olympic diver. The only things different are that this boy is taller, and has shorter hair. I glance at his name tag, just for reference. His name is Joseph.
 ”Umm, surprise me!” I laugh. He nods, proceeding to pack my items in a large, brown paper bag. He gives me my change back and my receipt, with another little piece of paper attached. I turn around to look at him. He winks at me, making me slightly blush.
 ”Excuse me, miss, can you help me?” I hear a familiar man’s voice come from behind me. I stash my items in my trunk, close it, and spin around on my heels.
 ”I’ll sure try to, ma-” I recognize that face. My heart skips a beat, my stomach churns. The man laughs, then realizing what I’m realizing. It’s Josh Hutcherson, in the Hunger Games.
 ”Josh! It’s you!” I blurt, astonished. He looks so alien with his new hair color.
 ”It’s me!” He giggles, punching his fists into his pockets and leaning back on the heels of his shoes.
 ”Well, what could Josh Hutcherson need help with?” I say, in a sarcastic tone. His face fades to a serious look, and I wipe my smile off my face. I’m suddenly worried.
 ”I need you to hide me.” His voice is so monotone, it spooks me.
 ”Excuse me?”
 ”I said I need you to hide me.”
 ”But wh-“
 ”No talking. Drive.” He hops in the back seat of my car, lying across the seats. My mind is racing. What’s going on? Is this illegal? What’d he do?
 ”Where do I go?” I ask weakly. He already made it clear he’s in control. I’d rather not temper with what we’ve got going. Not that it’s anything special.
 ”Your house.”
 ”I better not get raped.”
 He laughs, loosening the tenseness he carried. He makes it seem so easy.

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